Wheels of Love, Inc.

Driving Away Hopelessness...

 Wheels of Love is an organization which reaches out to families who are going through a hardship. Wheels of Love is geared towards assisting families with no vehicle or transportation to work, doctors, store, daycare, etc. We want to help families who need a vehicle. Applications can be filled out at Matt 25 Hope Center in Clovis, NM, or by clicking the "application" tab above. Circumstances and other information will determine which candidates will receive assistance.  Unfortunately, we cannot help every family who applies. God Bless!


Applications are kept on file permanently, but if you continue to need assistance, you must re-apply every 6 months. Thank you!

**We are not accepting applications at this time, but we will start again on February 1st.

We have an overwhelming amount and not enough supply.

We apologize for those we have not been able to assist.